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18 Celebrities with Awesome Food Feeds (Slideshow)

18 Celebrities with Awesome Food Feeds (Slideshow)

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If you want to see what the stars are eating, check out these accounts!

Bethenny Frankel

Despite making millions as the Skinnygirl, Frankel isn’t afraid to show us her favorite indulgences — cookies, cupcakes, and s’mores. The world can always use more pretty photos of cupcakes.

Neil Patrick Harris

We love the adorable photos NPH posts of his family. But even more, we love living vicariously through him and all of his delicious food and dining experiences.

Jessica Alba

Alba is a big proponent of clean eating. Her photos of tasty treats and meals leave us all aspiring to live a healthier lifestyle.

Tyra Banks

So maybe Tyra is a little crazy. But she’s also indulgent and isn’t afraid to show us. Less "smize," more pie, please!

Zooey Deschanel

Deschanel has a stricter diet due to food allergies, specifically allergies to dairy, eggs, and wheat. In spite of that, our favorite "adorkable" gal shares some pretty tasty Instagram photos.

Lauren Conrad

Conrad often shows us the girly, pink side of life. We love that she also shows us the girly side of food, including pink cocktails and pretty desserts.

Haylie Duff

Everyone and their mother can cook. But Duff turned her love into a real passion and developed a cookbook filled with tasty recipes that she often posts on her frequently updated Instagram.

Jimmy Fallon

Our favorite funny guy loves his sweets and his takeout. A bonus to following him on Instagram? Checking out all the awesome eateries he tests out.

Brooke Burke-Charvet

Brook Burke-Charvet didn’t win Dancing with the Stars by looking pretty. She won with hard work and determination, plus a healthy lifestyle. She shares photos of that healthy lifestyle, including family-friendly snacks and treats.

Mario Batali

There’s a new era of chefs out there today who are looked at as celebrities. Mario Batali is one such chef who lives up to his reputation. His food photos alone are to die for — imagine how it must taste!

Valerie Bertinelli

Bertinelli wowed everyone when she shed serious poundage and kept it off. We love that she posts healthy foods that look rich and decadent.

Aziz Ansari

Who would think that funny man Aziz Ansari would be all about the food? But he is and he posts his delicious food photos all over the Internet. Our favorite? Pimento. Grilled. Cheese. Sandwich.

Ali Larter

When Ali Larter became a wife and mother, she realized it was time to slow down and enjoy the little moments in life. Moments such as a child’s laugh or a stolen kiss or a home-cooked meal. She shares many of her home-cooked meals via Instagram and leaves us drooling.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is another product of the celebrity chef generation, but is also well-known for his healthy food movement. We love that he shares some of his healthy choices but also, some of his favorite indulgences.

Martha Stewart

Always the domestic diva, Martha Stewart came under fire recently for some less-than-flattering food photo tweets. And while some of her photos are questionable, we can overlook them. When she is on, she is spot on with yummy foods and desserts.

Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings is another of those march-to-your-own-drum gals. We love her quirky style and also, we love her photos of fresh vegetables and delicious plates.

Mindy Kaling

One thing we love about Mindy Kaling is her absolute love for her body type and figure. She doesn’t shy away from food and freely posts delicious desserts and fantastic dinners out that make us salivate.

Autumn Reeser

Autumn Reeser may no longer be living life in The O.C., but we’ll take her real life over her television persona any day. Her baked goods and homemade treats wow us every time.

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