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Alluring steak

Alluring steak

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Wash the ghee well and boil for about 15 minutes (if you put them in a jar in winter, just soak them in water).

Cut the chicken legs in half and wash well. Let it drain a little (I also removed the skin).

Sprinkle a few drops of oil in an oven tray.

Place the thighs, season with salt and pepper.

We also place the gables between the thighs.

We put the onion on the small grater. We mix it with the tomato juice and the wine, and we add about a cup of water.

Mix this sauce well and release it in the pan.

We clean the garlic, cut it into slices and let it go in the tray. We also put the broken bay leaf pieces.

Cover the tray with foil, prick it from place to place and put it in the hot oven. When it is almost ready, remove the foil and leave it for about 10 minutes.

Good appetite!!!

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